Coordination of Internal Affairs

Exchange Program Team is responsible for organizing exchange programmes that lasts one or a few days long both in local and nationwide. In this program, a group of psychology undergraduate students selected by application is hosted by another university.


Internal Affairs Coordination Team is responsible for making follow ups of all the teams working under coordinatorship: Occupational Informing and Awareness Platform, Actions Towards Highschool Students, Internship Platform Team and Exchange Program Team.


Studies for High School Students is responsible for devising projects in the field of psychology to help highschool students in general, increasing their awareness in psychology as a science and creating awareness for the false facts.


Professional Information and Awareness Platform is responsible for increasing awareness in the society towards the law of occupation and informing the students about this topic.


TPÖÇG Internship Platform is responsible for making studies towards introducing psychology to the ones who will incline by making agreements with the corporations and transferring the knowledge of the psychology students who already gained experience by doing the internship.

Coordination of Organizing Committee

The Organization Team is responsible for organising the TPÖÇG Camp, TPÖÇG Workshop, TPÖÇG Research Program, Summit of Fall and Summit of Spring which is organised throughout the year by TPÖÇG.

Coordination of Financial Affairs

TPÖÇG Store Design Team, creates new designs for the TPÖÇG Store products and generates the product design pool.


TPÖÇG Store Team is responsible for making new product research and price research for the production of the products, placing an order of the new products, following the products and storage.


The Sponsorship Team is responsible for preparing sponsorship files for TPÖÇG, contacting with firms that can be sponsors for TPÖÇG events and researching the sponsors for the expenditures of TPÖÇG.

Coordination of External Affairs

Aim of the EFPSA Turkey Team is acting like a bridge and representing Turkey among 36 representative countries every single year with their team. EFPSA Turkey Team is responsible for making announcements of EFPSA and promoting it in TPÖÇG throughout the year.


TPÖÇG Training Office is responsible for supporting the development of TPÖÇG workers, creating innovative solutions according to their needs with non-formal education methods. It provides non-formal educational methods to become more prevalent both for individual and organizational development and acceptance of it at the same time.

TPÖÇG has three Project Development Teams. These are: Local Project Development Team, National Project Development Team and International Project Development Team.


General Secretary

TPÖÇG Blog Team periodically brings its readers with its original articles, interviews, titles of “Living Blog” and “Read-Listen-Watch-Play” together. Its main purpose is to produce articles and content those raise awareness, inform, lead to discovery and contain creativity.

TPÖÇG Bulletin Editor collects and organizes TPÖÇG's events and announcements each week and prepares them for the sharing at 12.00 every Sunday. The main purpose of the TPÖÇG Bulletin is to make it easier to look back at the news and events about TPÖÇG.


It is published in e-journal format by volunteer psychology students on a determined topic every month. Its main purpose is to bring the readers together as a team by combining various information about psychology with their own ideas and views.


Publication Design Team; Responsible for visually designing articles with content such as Bulletin, Blog, “Akıl Defterim” , PsiNossa and Annual.



TPÖÇG annual editor is responsible for the TPÖÇG Annual to be published at the TPÖÇG General Assembly.


Representatives and Local Organizations are the teams that represent TPÖÇG in Turkey, TRNC, Sarajevo and North Macedonia and organize various activities for psychology students. TPÖÇG has 5 Local Organizations and more than 80 TPÖÇG Representatives.


They are responsible for coordinating Representatives and Local Organizations, they also work with the Representatives and Local Organizations  Coordinator. They provide advice and support to Representatives and Local Organizations throughout the year.

They work with the Representatives and Local Structures Coordinator, they are responsible for research and development to provide a more productive working environment for Representatives and Local Organizations  Coordinator.



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