Aims to make psychology undergraduate programs more understandable by answering questions of the highschool students. LÖYÇE bears a torch to high school students for the purpose of true and qualitative information transformation by using credible and scientific resources with regard to these goals. 

LÖYÇE elucidates the psychology department by making presentations and organising events to those who are still preparing for college. According to this goal, they visit highschools from different locations in Turkey. With these presentations they aim to explain the psychology department to high school students, helping them in making conscious preferences and informing them about college life. LÖYÇE deals with highschool students one on one, it supports students with ‘TPÖÇG Preference Platform’ when the preference period comes. In addition, it creates content that appeals to high school students through the @tpocg.loyce Instagram account in order to reach more high school students with various social responsibility projects and social media tools. 

The team, which continues its work physically until 2020, continues its work by reaching high school students through online platforms with the announcement of the pandemic.