Representatives and Local Organizations are the teams that represent TPÖÇG in Turkey, TRNC, Sarajevo and North Macedonia and organize various activities for psychology students. TPÖÇG has 5 Local Organizations and more than 80 TPÖÇG Representatives.

There are more than 80 TPÖÇG Representatives who build bridges between TPÖÇG and its schools. While the representatives represent TPÖÇG in their schools, they are responsible for conveying the developments within the TPÖÇG to their schools and the developments in their schools to TPÖÇG. Representatives reach out to psychology students at their schools, introduce them to TPÖÇG, motivate them to take advantage of TPÖÇG's opportunities and become a part of TPÖÇG.

Although the basic goals and objectives are similar, representatives with and without a local structure have additional responsibilities. While the representatives with a local structure work together with their local organizations, the representatives without a local structure work together with the Volunteer Support Team selected during the year to promote TPÖÇG in their cities.

Local Organizations are unions established in cities where there are three or more psychology departments (each university must have graduated from psychology at least once). Although there are 5 local structures within the TPÖÇG, these are Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Cyprus and Mersin-Adana Local Structures. Local organizations include Academic Activity Team, Social Activity Team, Social Responsibility Team, Head of Local Organization and Deputy Head of Local Organization. Local organizations are responsible for organizing various activities for psychology students in their cities and work with TPÖÇG Representatives of schools in their cities.