LOCAL PROJECT DEVELOPMENT TEAM: Responsible for researching locally effective project grants and writing projects according to project requirements. The impact and implementation of the project should be of local scale. It ensures the implementation of local projects and budget management. It provides areas to generate funds and grants for the project. It becomes a partner with associations and non-governmental organizations that implement local projects and is responsible for the project processes and the selection of the participants.

The local project team is an active team where various literature and social responsibility projects have been examined and projects from different fields have been made since 2017. The Hope for Village Schools Project, where the Local team worked in 2018, the Camp of Tomorrow Project in 2019, and the From Seed to Sapling Project in 2020 are the projects that this team works with at certain time intervals every year. During the preparation and implementation of the projects, separate road maps were followed, and various partners, funds and grants accompanied these processes.

NATIONAL PROJECT DEVELOPMENT TEAM: National Project Development Team: It is responsible for creating national projects by considering current problems. While creating the project, it makes a needs analysis, determines the target audience, searches for grants when necessary and provides budget management. It can cooperate with non-governmental organizations and associations that can contribute to the project. It is responsible for all processes from the writing of the project to its realization.

The use of social media, which has increased significantly during the pandemic period, has also brought serious problems such as cyberbullying. To combat this problem, the “Virtual Distance” project was written and 13-17 year old high school students, one of the most vulnerable groups were chosen as the target audience. Within the scope of the project, informative posts about cyberbullying were shared using the social media account of the Studies for High School Students (LÖYÇE). In addition, two trainings called "Non-Violent Communication" and "Virtual State of Differences" were held to raise awareness of high school students in an interactive way.

INTERNATIONAL PROJECT DEVELOPMENT TEAM: The International Project Development Team provides raising awareness in the society and contribute to social life by writing projects on these topics, donate this project by following the Erasmus+ calls, and also find partners from other countries to reach the planned project as participants. During the project, it takes responsibility for all issues from the management of the project to accommodation and completes the post-project reporting process. The International Project Development Team determines the target audience with the projects they will design, creates their goals and targets by making various analyzes and embodies each activity they plan to realize by creating a timeline.

The International Project Development Team has had one Erasmus+ application process from the past to the present and the feedback received thereafter, but this project was not accepted. In the 2020-2021 working year, this team has written a project called “Sustainable Entrepreneurship for Ecosystem (S.E.E) which will facilitate young entrepreneurs to produce ideas on nature and implement them with various workshops and activities, but the project has not been sent to the Erasmus application yet, it is waiting for the 2021 call.